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Arandas Bakery History

Arandas Bakery is the authentic Mexican bakery in Houston making delicious, traditional sweet bread, specialty cakes, and other bakery products from scratch daily. You can taste the difference! Here, Mrs. Camarena shares the story about how this business began:

It’s important to set the stage by letting you know that we started as immigrant Mexicans in this country. Day in and out we worked hard to open and grow our taqueria businesses. The taquerias were meant to provide for our families so, they had gained their own momentum, my husband and I, returned to a certain normalcy of life. The usual routine of driving our girls to school then going to work.

Part of that routine was also waking up every morning with an unwavering commitment to making this country our new home. When you come from a different country with a very different culture you find yourself unbearably missing all the traditions that you use to take for granted.

In retrospect, I have realized that certain traditions softened the moments of loneliness and sense of not belonging we had.

Our traditional routine as Mexicans was always waking up and going to bed with a cup of coffee and a sweet bread! I think that our longing for home was what sparked the idea. We “needed” the routine to be right. And you can’t be “home” until you have a real piece of sweet bread and a cup of coffee (a cup of sugar with a ½ cup of milk, and a splash of coffee)

So, in June of 1993 we opened the first Arandas Bakery! 5307 Airline Dr. I remember that first year like it was yesterday. We didn’t have enough employees, so my husband and I, along with our daughters worked 7 days a week. We didn’t know anything about bread which meant we relied on our employees to teach us. It was a tough first year for us. Our resistance to failure forced us to sell more products. Alas, Tres Leches cakes were being made in Houston! Tres Leches cakes got us through the next years!

With the bakery doing so well my husband told his uncle Jesus, to move to Houston and open the second Bakery. My husband never forgot the people who helped him become the man he was and his uncle, Jesus had gotten him a job at the Beverly Hills Country Club when Jose was still a teenager. In July 1994 Bakery #2 on Beechnut was opened. Jesus and his son, Ricardo still own and operate that Bakery.

We went on to a 3rd and 4th location and to distribute bread all over the nation through our national distribution partners.

I thank God for every blessing and hope that I never stop giving back as much as we have received. I thank our employees, who we call family, and all our customers for accepting our products.

I respect and honor the stage you have set for us and promise to give you all the best of our culture through our traditions.

My God Always Bless you and your loved ones.

With the Warmest of Regards,

Mrs. Camarena